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The autojumble at VW Action has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Autojumble plots (6m wide by 10m deep) are available at £40 in advance (please use button below) or £50 on the day. You are welcome to camp on your plot - provided you fit within the boundaries of that plot. If you require more space, please order multiple plots.

Autojumble plots are only available to 'non trade' sellers and do NOT include your entry tickets - these need to be purchased separately.

Those selling 'auto/car parts' can book for FREE (at our discretion) - View full details on trading at VW Action. or please call 01234 782828 or EMAIL US for full clarification.

PLEASE NOTE: Free Trade plots or Autojumble plots will only be allocated (at our discretion) by contacting us in advance. We will not be entering into discussions on the day (we really won't have the time.) So, please contact us in advance, if you think you are eligible for a free plot.

The only stipulations are that you are unquestionably not 'trade' - and that you DO NOT leave your vehicle in the way or obscuring other sellers wares. It is a condition of your being permitted to trade that you keep within the boundaries of the plot and respond positively to requests or instructions from VW Action marshals.

You are also present on the understanding that VW Action officials are the final judges of whether you are a genuine autojumbler or not, and that if you are deemed to be a professional trader, you either pay the full trade stand tariff, or pack up and vacate your pitch.

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