VW Action

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Once again we are building the familiar 'VW Action' layout entirely on the spectator side of the venue, (the area before you reach the track). All advertising of the event will have the same or greater reach as previous years, covering both air and water cooled publications. We want as many traders specialising in the VW aftermarket as possible attending the show, and to that end we have special arrangements exclusively for 'VW parts' traders. In effect this means no charge at all for your trade plot, but each actual stallholder or staff member will need an individual ticket. (These can be purchased in advance, and include advance ticket discount.)

PLEASE NOTE: Free Trade plots or Autojumble plots will only be allocated (at our discretion) by contacting us in advance. We will not be entering into discussions on the day (we really won't have the time.) So, please contact us in advance, if you think you are eligible for a free plot.

Recent years at Santa Pod have seen an even greater recognition of VW Action as one of the very best genuine VW Festivals on the calendar. VW Action is increasingly becoming a show at which the attendance of the most important and 'in touch' traders is taken for granted. By the same token, traders who attend the show are increasing their profile with a very important section of their potential customers. The current attendance is a good representation of the VW scene, covering all ages, without the event attracting visitors seduced by what should be purely peripheral attractions. Simply put, we believe that a higher percentage of visitors to VW Action are active and committed VW enthusiasts, and therefore spend more per head than many other shows. Even for the non VW specific trade, our trade stand prices are amongst the lowest at Santa Pod every year.

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