VW Action

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To ensure that we can get the traditional VW Action ambience in the club area, please, please try to be accurate with your vehicle numbers when you book. There's nothing worse than being crammed into a plot with no room to swing a cat, next to a club with a quarter of an acre and four cars. The popularity of the club camping areas means that space is always tight. With the best will and planning, once someone arrives in a Transporter, towing a caravan, then starts to erect a six man tent, things can start to go awry. So please work with us, in using your space efficiently.

If you would like to book a club club camping area and you have a minimum of 10 cars, please Download a Club Booking form.

PLEASE NOTE: This year we will be operating a 'Mirror Hanger' system for Club Camping areas. Hangers will need to be collected at the Advance Ticket Office prior to you entering the event. Please CONTACT US for clarification.




"Action is my fav show reminds me of the Bug Jams of old. There is a little bit of everything, we had a great time and will be there again next year for sure. First time our club did club camping, everybody was really helpful from the time we came through the gate, even up to the point we were set up, coming over and checking we were OK and asking if we had enough room."