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In past years we have assisted a great number of European race and show cars to visit VW Action, previously via EuroTunnel. However we are constantly looking for ways to attract even more visitors from the European mainland. We can assist an even greater number of visitors this year, via DFDS Ferries, crossing from Dunkerque to Dover or Calais to Dover. We apologise to previous visitors who have enjoyed the luxury of EuroTunnel crossings, however it is our objective to attract the greatest possible number of European show and race cars.

If you are a show car or race car owner on the European mainland, and would like to attend VW Action this year, please contact us by email. You do not have to be part of an organised group or club, and a contribution to your ferry ticket may be made by NAS Events. You can of course bring as many paying guests as you wish. (They will usually be covered by your vehicle ferry crossing.)

Although in the past we have brought over air-cooled race and show cars, please note that this invitation is open to the best water cooled show and race cars as well.

In addition to these aided passages, VW Action has introduced prize funds for race cars taking part in the Night Racing. Details can be found in the ‘Dragstrip Action’ page of this website.

Please note this offer is not a 'right' - all payments for ferries and/or event tickets are at our discretion.


"Action is my fav show reminds me of the Bug Jams of old. There is a little bit of everything, we had a great time and will be there again next year for sure. First time our club did club camping, everybody was really helpful from the time we came through the gate, even up to the point we were set up, coming over and checking we were OK and asking if we had enough room."